Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lord's Delight

You - you are the Lord's delight! Our scriptures tell us that He loved us before the foundations of the world. Now, whatever that really means, we can know for certain that He loved you (me too - but I will direct this to you so it can anchor well within) before the creation occurred.

His delight is not what you will do for Him in your calling. His delight is not in how much you know, nor in how much you love Him. His delight is just you. He called you, blessed you, has made a way of life for you, and has made provision for you. Now He just wants you to enjoy your breathing with Him.

These facts are so simple, but we tend to forget them in the business of our living. Today, on this Monday, may we just receive the fact of His love and His delight. That is what the Book says. Let's choose to believe these truths instead of our own interior dispositions. His word is higher and all truth. Our perceptions are faulty at best. So as you hear His voice through the Book, or individually in your interior, enjoy Him as He delights in you and your fellowship.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Refreshing Word!

Here is the latest addition to our video teachings. It is Rev. Lauren Godfrey (my daughter) teaching Romans during a 2010 Friday Fellowship time in Psalm 19 Ministries. It is also available on our video page at the ministry site.