Monday, January 02, 2012

Important Encouragements

It is a new year, and most of us are working with looking at the year ahead. The Lord does tell us to "forget those things which are behind, and reach for those things which are ahead." (Phil. 3:13) So, let's encourage each other to be doers of the Word.
 Let us seek to know our Lord through the revelation He has given to us. It is a treasure chest of the "riches of Christ" the Father has given to us.
Faith is a word which presumes a cooperative, corresponding action. It empowers and ignites. To trust God is to actively participate in seeking His will and His presence. The Word, as His known will, is extremely important in this process.
Just reading and knowing the facts, stories and details of the book are not what He is really after. However, they are important to know, so we can find the other dimensions hidden within those facts, stories and details. It is a book of revelation. It holds dimensions and mysteries that can only be seen when one begins to read, think, study and meditate on the passages. The Lord has much to show us - that we have no idea about.
This is the key to being a "spiritual" person. To know Him personally in our inner being through the Word in the Spirit breathed revelations of His nature. This anchors our heart in Him, His Word and in flowing in His Spirit. It is awesome just to think about it.
So let me encourage you to read, think, study and meditate in the Word this year. Do more reading and talking with Him than TV or computer games or whatever. May our Bibles be more open than shut.
In grace, He will reveal Himself in ways we have not imagined.
I pray blessings on your New Year and the goodness of our Lord on all you do.