Friday, September 23, 2011

Focus - Where is Ours?

Perry Noble, a senior pastor in S.C. has a nice item on his blog that he wrote on September 22. I thought my readers would appreciate it. So I will just refer you to his blog to read.

When I send you to read on a blog, that does not mean I am in totally agreement with everything they are saying - just that this item is very good to read. That should go without saying, but just in case you wondered.

All believers, regardless of their "brand," have some good things to share. Interdenominationalism means we do not allow even "agreement" barriers to keep us from loving and appreciating one another.

So go read. You will be blessed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Voice!

I urge all my readers to read the blog "Vertical Church"  by James MacDonald. He says very clearly the need of every Christian (especially leaders) to be solidly attached in their personal life to the Scriptures. It is excellent.

Enjoy and begin if you are not already active in daily reading and interacting with the Word. May our Lord be praised!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Riches of Assured Understanding

We had an awesome time in the Lord's presence together last evening at Psalm 19's Friday Fellowship! The study was from Colossians 2:1-15 and the bullet-point highlights of my lesson are below. The entire message is available by CD or DVD.

Take your Bible and follow along with the bullet-points. It will encourage you deeply! What an awesome Savior we have!

Bullet-Points for Colossians 2:1-15

1.  "...riches of assured understanding - in Him (Christ Jesus) all treasures of wisdom and knowledge exist.

2.  Man's logic and reason (persuasive arguments) do not give us God's understanding and many times are deceitful. Deceit's nature is to grow - add more and more understandings that are not of God.

3.  "As you have received Christ Jesus, walk in Him!" The secret of a victorious life is to live in Christ the same way we received Him in the first place - just take Him to ourselves - an open willingness to receive. All the Christian life is to be lived in rest and out of rest - not effort, but trusting in the completed work in Christ - at rest. As we purposefully settle ourselves in Him and His love (on a daily basis) an abounding thankful heart is developed and prayers change from "Oh God, do this or that," our dialogue becomes, "O Lord, thank you for this or that." We begin to overflow in thankfulness.

4. God's entire nature dwells in Christ. He is the head over all rulers and authorities and we have been filled with Him. Therefore all rulers and authorities (our enemies in spiritual places) are under our dominion. In Christ the victory is already ours.

5.  We were circumcised by Christ which stripped off the body of sin of the flesh (old man). He did not wait for us to do it, but did it in the action of the circumcision of our hearts at salvation.

6. We were buried with Him in baptism; raised with Him through faith in the energy of God. Most of our Bibles say "power" of God and that is good. The word here in Greek is the word from which we get our English word "energy."

7.  He made us alive with Him and forgave all our sins; erased the debt and its obligations against us because He nailed it to the cross.

8. He disarmed (or divested) all the rulers and authorities publicly and triumphed over them through the Cross.