Sunday, November 06, 2011

What an absolutely marvelous Conference! Dr. Carolyn Tennant shared our Lord's heart with us in teaching, instruction and prophetic authority! The clip above is from Saturday evening's session as she shared with the need to have a cooperative partnership with the Lord Jesus that is like the partnership needed in ballroom dancing. It was a very instructive teaching, including photographic illustrations of ballrooms. Some of them were cluttered with furniture which did not lend to dancing at all. Others had furniture, but properly placed for freedom of movement, still others had no furniture at all. In order to allow freedom of movement in our lives with the Holy Spirit, we need interior rooms that are not cluttered with items that cause cautious or no movement. Then she did some brainstorming with us as a group about what the furniture represented. It was a marvelous session.

Today's Sunday service included wonderful worship, Dr. Carolyn speaking on the tradition of the Celtic monks in prayer. Giving us a wonderful lesson on our heritage and the prayer undergirding of the great revivals. The overall lesson was one of the need for personal dedication to prayer. The text was 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. We all heard the call to devote ourselves to prayer. I then, served the Lord's supper. It was a special time of belonging to our Lord Jesus and to one another. Thank you Lord.