Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

It is the Christmas season and our thoughts go to gifts, celebrations, carols, food and the sharing with loved ones. This is all right and appropriate. However, as all of you know, this season is really not about any of that. Christmas is about Jesus coming and loving and receiving us. This is a fantastic thing to celebrate!
I know many conservative Christians choose not to be a part of such celebrations, preferring to celebrate Him each day alike. While we must leave all in their freedom, it is hard to celebrate Him each day alike. I do celebrate Him each day and talk with Him and read His word. However, during this season of our calendar year, it is just really a blessed thing to give Him a bit more of “center stage.” He is the point of our lives and our breath. So it is good to have a period of time and a day to really go overboard a bit. The problem is, we usually go overboard in “us” and our loved ones, instead of overboard in Him. We could instead take extra time in reading His Word; extra time in listening to Him and journaling what He will say to us; extra time to sing His praise and the wonders of His grace. I think such would really be a true celebration of Him.
Who knows, maybe, just maybe, we could draw others into such a celebration and have a wonderful time in His presence together. I know many gatherings are planned to do just that - Psalm 19 Christmas Celebration is just one of them. But can we hear the precious invitation to spend extra time with Him and His Word? Oh how He would love that.
May we and our time be His gift and may He be ours.